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Terre Polite

Discover Your Power Through Online Coaching

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Hi, I’m Terre


Dr. Terre Polite often found himself in the position of offering advice to others and being the voice of reason. His desire to understand human nature and action has shaped him immensely and as a result, he earned a B.A in Psychology and a M.S. in Counseling Studies with certification as a licensed Christian Marriage and Family Therapist and a Doctorate in Christian Psychology

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Introducing Unboxable

The Ultimate Method of Living Beyond your Box 

Well, the good news is that I really do understand what you’re going through and I am willing to go that extra mile with you. My work as your personal coach is to hold your hand and walk with you where many dare not go past. Yet at the same time equip you with skills and the know-how to walk free from the past and charge ahead into a victorious life set for you to bring out


 Working with Dr.Polite, has helped me build confidence and self-awareness. I have learned how to accept my strengths and weaknesses. Your courses have helped me discover the right tools that I can use to help me navigate through my day-to-day life I can actually see how I have grown in personal development and emotional development that has truly enriched my life. I am the person that I am today is because you played a tremendous part in that through you sir, I have the tools that are necessary to live a successful stress-free 

Working with you to develop the Reset Conference platform, to empower and equip coaches and trainers has been a journey of love and dedication to our profession. Your knowledge across multiple disciplines shows you to be an excellent teacher, trainer, and coach.

-Adele Foster Glenn

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