Meet Dr. Terre Polite


Dr. Terre Polite often found himself in the position of offering advice to others and being the voice of reason. His desire to understand human nature and action has shaped him immensely and as a result, he earned a B.A in Psychology and a M.S. in Counseling Studies with certification as a licensed Christian Marriage and Family Therapist and a Doctorate in Christian Psychology. His own experiences in life continue to shape his desire to help others. The process of educating himself about marriage, divorce and dysfunctional relationships he discovered his passion is to help people learning how thoughts, beliefs, and actions impact every part of life. His professional goal is to show how approaching love and relationships through respect and reason will lead to more fulfilling lives.

My Vision

I believe that you were made for greatness and its all inside of you waiting for just the right time, people and energy so as to manifest for all to see. There is a reason you were born into this world at such a time. Many are depending on you, we read of many great people that were pushed down but eventually rose up and impacted the world in an unforgettable way

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